To hire us for your event please contact Kate Morgan at (601) 323-2312 or

Prelude & Ceremony includes 30 minutes of Prelude music and all Ceremony music


A Note on COVID-19: We will provide a full refund for weddings canceled or modified due to public health concerns, no matter how close to the event that call is made. We fully support whatever decisions families need to make to keep us all safe. Our musicians are strongly encouraged to follow the physical distancing guidelines posted by the Mississippi Department of Health.


Prelude & Ceremony

     $200 per musician (total for duet is $400, total for trio is $600, etc.)

Prelude, Ceremony, & Reception (two additional hours of music)

     $350 per musician

Travel Fees

     We frequently travel up to 2 hours outside of the Jackson area. If you are outside that range, please feel free to still contact us if you are unable to find musicians in your local area. Traveling 30 minutes to an hour outside of the Jackson metro area (such as to Vicksburg) typically adds $25 per musician. Traveling approximately 90 minutes outside of Jackson (such as to Hattiesburg or Philadelphia) typically adds $50 per musician. Please share with us your exact event location for a final quote. 

Holiday Fees

     For ceremonies that fall on or adjacent to major holidays, the cost per musician is $250 (Christmas/Weekend before Christmas, New Year's, Fourth of July etc.)

How to Reserve Date

     A $50 non-refundable deposit (applicable to your total payment) is required to reserve your date. Full payment and a finalized song list are due two weeks before the wedding. At the two-week mark the payment is non-refundable. Payment can be made via Venmo, PayPal, or check. 

The Day of the Wedding

     We arrive 30-45 minutes prior to the start of Prelude. Please designate a person (often the wedding director) to give us a signal for when to switch from Prelude to the first song of the ceremony (often the Seating of the Parents/Grandparents). We will need armless chairs set up where you would like us to play. We would love to be put in contact with any other musicians you have performing at your wedding, as well as your wedding coordinator.  We do not typically attend the rehearsal the evening before.